In the beginning... 


I still remember the first time I wrapped. I was two months post partum with my second baby. I was working out and eating well and still was seeing slow results. I saw a friend post a picture of her results on Facebook and couldn't believe my eyes. I was skeptic... and curious! So I had her come over to wrap me- totally unsure of what it all would entail. To my surprise is was quick and easy. I for sure thought something so simple wouldn't work. I thanked her and went about my day. When I took the wrap off, I took my picture and compared it to the picture before. I was STUNNED. I couldn't believe my eyes! I grabbed my measuring tape and was in shock! When my husband came home from work he noticed and said 'WOW! Gym is paying off- good job babe!!' and I smiled. I hadn't mentioned I was wrapping. I was so skeptic I didn't want to hear his uncertainties too. So I told him I did this crazy wrap thing and he said 'Get more of them, I have to try one!' So I became a loyal customer (So I could pay wholesale prices and earn free product!) Once I saw the baby weight coming off, my stretch marks fading, I knew I had my hands on gold. Everyone I knew was asking me 'WHAT are yo doing?' So I told them "I did this wrap" and before I knew it I was a distributer sharing these amazing products I had come to love so much. A year later I earned the $10,000 GOOD bonus, we were buying our dream home and I am able to work from home and stay home with our three small children. I have done this amazing business from home for two years. Prior to this I was a Montessori 3-6 teacher. I replaced my teacher's salary in four months. These products changed my body, the business changed our lives. If you are ready for a positive change in your life, to pay off debt, save for retirement and college, take a dream vacation, get healthy please let me help you! I have helped HUNDREDS of people get healthier and/or start their own wrap franchises and I am ready to help you!