TIghten, tone and firm your body in JUST 45 minutes! Experience 'ultimate' results with our Ultimate Body Applicator. Our Ultimate Body Applicator is a first to market, natural body wrap that will give you incredible results.  

*Tighten, tone and firm your skin

*Minimize the appearance of cellulite 

* See results in as little as 45 minutes 

*See progressive results over 72 hours 

*Mess-free and SIMPLE to use 

*Improves skins tightens,, texture and appearance 


Called "liquid gold" for a reason, this incredible Defining Gel provides ultimate hydration and enhances wrap results as well as improves varicose and spider veins. 


*Block up to 33% of fat and 70% of carbs 

*All natural cactus-based formula 

*Take up to an hour after eating (works in stomach: not colon)

* Does not contain shellfish 


*Boosts your natural collagen and keratin production

* Supports the body's defenses against free radical damage

* Moisturizes while enhancing skins' elasticity and flexibility 

* Promotes healthy cell growth, strength and shine

With essential vitamins and minerals enhance your own natural collagen levels, revealing a more energized, radiated, youthful you! 

Stronger nails, smoother and more vibrant skin and shiny, radiant hair will be yours with our "Hair Skin and Nails" supplements. See why it's flying off the shelves! 


*Detoxifying, alkalizing powder drink

*Balances the body's pH levels

* Equivalent to 8+ servings of fruits and vegetables in just one serving 

Not eating your fruits and veggies as you should? well have no fear our incredible GREENS are here to help you get those nutrients in! Our non-GMO GREENS are here to help you feel your best. In two small scoops (or a convenient to-go packet) you can take your greens with you anytime anywhere!  

Also available: GREENS CHEWS!

Easy, healthy, snacking on the go!